The Baby Therapy Centre endeavours to share Early Intervention Therapy free of charge with those in disadvantaged communities who have no other access to the benefits of early developmental therapy for their babies. Every early intervention on the young developing brain has a high impact on the development of learning skills needed for cognitive function in education, including mathematics and science.


All our Outreach screening, therapy and training sessions are conducted free of charge.

1. Screening and Therapy at local Clinics and NPOs:

Once a week, on a Thursday morning, mothers are interviewed and counselled at local Municipal Clinics by Baby Therapy Centre therapists. Their babies’ files are screened and cases requiring further intervention are identified. Babies who have been identified as needing therapy are then referred to our Thursday afternoon therapy sessions.

2. Salvokop Outreach Program:

The babies at the Salvokop project are developmentally delayed due to environmental circumstances, although a small percentage also have disabilities or conditions such as Autism or Downs Syndrome. For this group, an Occupational Therapist gives attention to Fine Motor, Cognitive and Social/Emotional skills. A Music Therapist gives group music therapy sessions. For these children the chances are great that they can eventually reach their full potential emotionally, intellectually and academically, if the right skills development can be laid down early. The BTC Therapists also offer teacher training to help facilitators enhance and improve their skills in order to offer an optimal early learning experience for each child.

Our Therapy Services

The Baby Therapy Centre consists of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech-language therapists who work within a transdisciplinary- or interdisciplinary treatment approach.

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Day Care

The day care facility provides a means for regular therapy for children of working parents.

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Therapists regularly visit our outreach site in Mamelodi West.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to answer all the questions you might have about our services and what we offer.

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